Thursday 30 March 2023

Waiting for Duviri: The Sixth Strategy

The best way to combat fear is with a plan, so here are games that make you think!

Rise of Industry

I'm not a fan of building games, and this one which features sharp geometric graphics that also demands you put roads to your dig sites, determine how much stuff goes into which warehouse, and makes sure you plant trees so that in future years you have trees to lumber is way too much micromanaging for me. It even has a 72+ step tutorial to micromanage the players!

City of Gangsters

While you aren't building structures in this game, you will be building connections along street corners with people you want to extort, trade things, get introductions to, and the like as you grow your illegal empire. A good example would be if you don't like the beat cop patrolling your turf you can track down his family (immediate and extended) and threaten them to coerce his allegiance. Crazy right? There's lots of that level of detail here, but boy they will make you work (and read, so much reading) for it. It's ultimately still a management game though, so not for me.

Hundred Days: Wine Making Simulator

Using tetris. Yes. You read that correctly. In fact you'll want to "upgrade" your field so that your tetris shaped "tasks" can all fit into it. While that part is nice and simple, there's a ton of reading for the other systems of bottling and selling the wine and since I'm not an alcohol drinker myself, this lost my interest quickly.

Shop Titans

With good graphics and simple systems this game about running and maintaining a fantasy shop is excellent - EXCEPT for all the timers and cash shop nag boxes to skip said timers. Selling stuff gets you gold that you can invest on your resource harvesters to deliver faster and for your heroes (who you are supplying gear to) to rest/get to the quest faster so that you can get the things you need to build the thing this customer is asking for! But you can only build two things at a time and each takes time to build! The pay to speed things up option is annoying and as most of the game is just waiting it really is just a waste of time.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

This is Darkest Dungeon but in reverse. You are the titular Iratus, a wise cracking undead necromancer who sends his battle squads of up to four monstrous units against the humans who wronged him. While your namable units can make enemies go insane and/or flee, it's usually better to just kill them because from their parts you can make new units and so on as you follow a map (encounter choices) that inevitably leads upwards and out of your crypt. Fun but repetitive. Just like Darkest Dungeon.


The only way to access the deeper parts of this spacecraft is to power them up by sending a droid with a long power cable to loop around the generators! This puzzle game gets hard really fast as the droid can't cross back over the cable, the cable can't touch the "dark" generators and in some cases you must wrap around the generators in a specific order, only said generators are constantly rotating around the room. Even though its not one for me, this is an excellent game if you like challenging your mind.

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