Wednesday 1 March 2023

Warframe: Citrine

Make your gemussy sparkle...

Clearly it is worth being on when the red text updates just prior to a patch appear because they are hilarious.

That aside, Citrine is a gem themed support frame that you can harvest from the mirror defense mode on Mars. Like Voruna, if you get unlucky with blueprints you can also purchase her blueprints from Otak on Deimos (using currency you get from running mirror defense).

Her abilities include fortifying the armor of her team (up to 90% only, no invulnerability), putting a big gem that helps blast status effects at enemies targeted by the team (awesome), covering enemies in gems to both paralyze them and increase damage done to them, and throwing a cone type gem attack to make enemies bleed, have a greater chance of dropping HP or energy orbs, and can increase her passive HP regeneration for the team if she personally kills them.

A very decent frame especially for those who play with squads often, but I'm not sure that HP restoration is the way to go especially since higher level Steel Path laughs at your HP bar no matter the numbers on it and a lot of players seem to enjoy being in nigh invulnerable walking nukes to counter that. I'm sure with work you can make the Citrine into this too, but there are far easier frames to do this in.

Still, as a frame available from Mars it's definitely a viable on for players earlier in their Warframe careers. Mine is going to the Helminth.

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