Sunday 21 August 2022

Warframe: Mag and Grendel

Frames that have the power to suck?


One of the easiest warframes to get, Mag can either be chosen as your starter frame or by camping "The Sergeant" on Phobos who is possibly the weakest boss in the game as he's only slightly more durable than the other corpus troops. Mag's specialty is magnetism, and she can -suck- pull enemies towards her, pulse energy that lowers hostile shields and armor, crush enemy bones and perhaps the most useful is make magnetic bubbles that either trap foes or attract bullets within which is why she pairs best with piercing bullet weapons. Alas, she is lacking greatly on the defensive side which makes her quite squishy, encouraging the careful shooting game play from the early days of Warframe. She's at best a stepping stone to something stronger.


One of the hardest warframes to get as you need to complete the star map, win arbitration missions to get the currency to find Grendel parts locators and then do those three missions in which all your gear mods are deactivated, this chubby fella is actually quite funny to play. His main gimmick is eating, with his very first ability to suck enemies into his gut which increases his armor. Consumed enemies basically melt continuously but you can spit them back out at their buddies to cause more toxin damage (then probably eat them again), forcefully digest some to gain some minor bonus or turn into a large bowling ball that can knock enemies over and squish them.

While Grendel is decently tanky and it is hilarious to roll around and vacuum groups of enemies into non-existence, he is very energy hungry (drains per enemy in his belly) and by the time you get him you'll probably be looking to hit the steel path which he won't survive without lots of modification. In the end I just couldn't find a use for him that my current frame couldn't do, and fed him to the Helminth.


  1. Mag can become a quite powerful casting frame, and the debuffs from her skills make it so there's an axiom of "Everything's Better with Mag" but as you say, she's so very very squishie that she really just doesn't get played much.

    I liked Grendel well enough when ranking him to 30, but never felt like playing him after getting the MP from him, so... yeah.

    1. Do you remember if Nova is as squishy as Mag? Trying to decide if Slowva will survive steel path interceptions but haven't had a Nova in ages. :P