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GTFO: R6CX - Flux (Main)

Good news! This next level isn't so difficult either, especially if you take the boring route (which will make this write up pretty long). The main objective is to stabilize the light system via typing commands into two terminals. Our load outs were:

Me: Pistol/Shotgun/C-foam/Spear
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Mines/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Hammer
Jim: HEL Revolver/Shotgun/C-foam/Hammer

It's an easy clear and loot until you get to the Class V cluster alarm. Enemies will exclusively be coming from the small door you entered in which makes it easy to prep (make sure all doors are closed anyway). Note the first scan is a team scan downstairs though, so icers have to run quick to catch the door before it breaks. We used all the ice here to complete the scans and the bad guys then all died to a single mine.

Afterwards is more stealth bopping until you reach a regular non-alarm team scan. A few seconds after the door opens the lights will fail, so I suggest flash lights on going in, stacking on the right corner turn 180 to watch the security you just came from and getting ready for invisible enemies! That's on top of anything that was sleeping inside the room, which will come from your right if you are facing the door.

Invisible enemies can either be regular or giant strikers who basically have no graphic. Not even a "predator" shimmer. While a bio tracker will find them turrets won't spot them. They DO shriek and cast a shadow though, so have your lights on and prepare to spray and pray continue head shotting like a pro. Also, they are slower than regular enemies in all aspects so if you need to tango with them in melee, circle strafing is amazing (less so against a giant shadow though).

Luckily there are only the small type here so deal with them and hold for a wave or two and the lights will come back on. Proceed to the non alarm team scan Apex door and enter the well stocked "central" chamber that contains both terminals you need - one easily found on the central bridge and one hiding away in a hidey-hole corner only accessible from a ladder upstairs. I recommend finding that one before continuing just so your team knows where to go later. Alas both terminals are password locked.

If you want to be safe and boring skip down to "BRUTE FORCING". Otherwise, to proceed as the game intends, you need to open the flanking doors to get those passwords. One door has a class IV cluster alarm which will take you all over the terminal room followed by a room of double scouts. In that chamber is a terminal to open the locked security door within, but it also kills the lights and summons endless waves of shadows (in addition to the shadows sleeping in that zone) so guard your "hacker" as he runs between terminals whose LOG files give only one letter of the password, and the position of said letter each. Eg. "--r-".

I recommend once you have two of the letters that you head back to the terminal on the bridge and start guessing. There are only so many English words with four letters. Once unlocked, turn the lights back on, clear leftovers and go back in to loot. Then go over to the other door, a regular team scan which also turns lights off and summons shadows. The terminals in this zone are behind the three blood doors (which all have shadows) with two being behind the blood door to the left. Get the pass code (or enough of it to guess) then go to the hidey-hole terminal, unlock it and turn the lights back on. Clear stragglers, loot the zone.


Because there are only so many English words with four letters, you don't actually have to open the side doors from the central chamber. I reran and won this mission with bots (tools were mines and three sentries) just to verify that if you are patient you can just "brute force" (aka continually guess) I'll put a list below to help you out. The only penalty for doing it this way is that it takes longer and is freaking boring.


Once done you can finally use that last door in the central chamber which is a slow Class S I scan where in the whole team must hold the central bridge as enemies come from three (or one if you Brute Forced) doors. Ice and mine both sides and fight well against the hordes. If you survive, you get to use the checkpoint scan and find the next zone full of supplies, a bulkhead key and bulkhead control, and the choice to do MAIN or SECONDARY. Since we're only doing MAIN, you are basically done. Just open the final non-alarm door and GTFO. :)


able  acid   aged  airy  ally  anti  area  army  atom  auto  axis  

baby  back  bait   bake  bald   ball  band  bank  bark  barn  bath  bead  beak  beam  beef  beer  bell  belt  bend  bent  best  beta  bias  biff   bike  bill  bird  bite  blow  blue  blur  boat  body  bold  bolt  bomb  bone  book   boot  born  boss  both  bowl  brag  brow  buck  bull  bump  burn  busy
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quit  quiz

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yard   yarn  yawn  year  yell  yeti  yoga  your

zone  zoom

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