Friday 3 July 2020

Inner Space

It's also as infinite as Outer Space?

Within the hollow planet lies ancient relics just waiting to be discovered, and what better way to get them than as a strange glider/submarine? Now this game is quite trippy and is really more of a flight simulator than anything else.

There are some really nice areas, and thankfully your glider is way tougher than it appears. It's clear this game was designed with a gamepad controller in mind though, as it is simply frustrating when played with a keyboard. Also, the freedom / requirement to fly and swim in every direction also can get disorientating, more so than Horace!

Which way is up?

Not one I'd actually recommend as most flight sim fans probably want some action with their simulation - though I suppose if they want a relaxing time, this might be the ticket - as long as they have the proper controller. I give it 1.5 sunfish out of 5.

Insight: Use the "slow" button regularly.

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