Saturday 4 July 2020

Frontier (TV)

He who controls the fur, controls the profit.

Declan Harp (Jason Momoa) is out for revenge against his ex-employer, and the best way to hit both is to interfere with their fur trade in Colonial America. His illegal operation attracts all sorts of friends and adversaries while trying to outmaneuver the many other competitors in the industry. With decent set values and an excellent premise, this series gets off to a good start right but unfortunately goes quite astray in the subsequent seasons especially due to one character who seems to flip flop in his choices at a whim.

Declan is one angry dude.

Too many threads is the other problem the show suffers from, especially later on when almost everyone is doing something on their own - none of which really relating to the other. Still there are some good moments, great characters, interesting intrigue and decent enough action pieces. Frontier is definitely worth a watch, but its a pity it wasn't better than it turned out to be. I give it 2.5 beavers out of 5.


  1. MY wife and I tried to watch this, but she wasn't really into it, and I kept falling asleep while watching it, so I guess I wasn't either, so we we stopped after .. 2? episodes I think.

    I wanted to like it, and what I saw of it was interesting, but I guess not interesting enough to keep me awake at 8 pm....

    1. There certainly is a lot of talking in it, and if you are already falling asleep at the start good call on dropping it as it only gets worse. :P