Tuesday 28 July 2020

Amazon Queen Temptress Teenagent

A trio of point and click adventures!

Flight of the Amazon Queen

I liked the navigation hub idea.

Having a business contract stolen from him is the least of Joe King's problems as the pilot for hire soon finds himself stuck in the Amazon jungle where a mad scientist is attempting to create an army of dinosaur women to take over the world! While this game doesn't take itself very seriously, the animations, voice acting, and most importantly - clue giving, is above par. That last one can really help when you get stuck. I quite liked their "over map" mechanic too. The only downside is the tremendous amount of backtracking involved in more than one area. Still worth a play, I give this 2 jet packs out of 5.

Insight: While you can only carry one at a time, you can come back to get more bananas and tree sap as required.

Lure of the Temptress

This pixel point and click adventure starts in a prison, which is fitting since the user interface is so poor that you will feel trapped regardless of your surroundings. Every mouse click will give you a few too many options. For example you can "Talk" or "Ask" or "Tell" (and a few more variations), all of which are different and you must use the correct one to progress in the story. My personal breaking point was clearly able to see a tap on a barrel, but having the character ignore it until you "look" at the barrel at which point the tap becomes an interactable feature. That's just fucking annoying and incredibly poor design. I knew from that point that this one isn't worth playing. 0 temptations out of 5. Not even worth a screen shot.

Insight: To get to the menu, move the cursor to the top of the screen.


Doing stupid stuff seems to be the key to success.

After being randomly selected to be a secret agent, you are sent for a brief stint at the secret agent boot camp before shipping off to solve a case of vanishing gold. For its age, the graphics and animations are actually quite decent here, and it comes with a good dose of humor and easy controls to keep you playing. It's also clear right from the get go that there are no game over screens. Alas, as you progress through the story not only does the pixel finding get more difficult, but the leaps in logic required to progress become really large. Would you really think to repeatedly insult a squirrel so much that it would throw a nut at you? Or paint something to look like a grenade which turns it into a real grenade? Didn't think so. Fun for a time, I give Teenagent 1.5 mouse traps out of 5.

Insight: F1 to reach the menu. Move the cursor to the top of the screen for the inventory.

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