Sunday 5 July 2020


The voice acting carries the game.

In this futuristic crime mystery, you are a cop locked in an apartment complex with a killer. Of my "second chance" list, this turned out to be my favorite - thank you to Juris who convinced me to look past the god-awful Layers of Fear (made by the same company) to try it out. While there are still some bullshit rail-roaded scare zones, a lot of this game is hunting down some not too hard to find clues with the occasional sneak or die segments.

Prepare for some tripping. Also, this is the only non-grimey scene in the game.

The use of a "lockdown" works thematically as well as programmatically, as most of the tenants are just talked to via hazy door monitors - yet this works really well thanks to the script and voice acting talent. It really helps that the protagonist is voiced by the amazing Rutger Hauer. The mini-game of "With Fire and Sword: Spiders" is also a great little extra. Definitely a game I recommend, and one I'd actually think would make a decent film (with a few tweaks to put more action). I give it 4.5 nano phages out of 5. Just be warned: It's not kidding when it says it can cause epilepsy.

Insight: If you are lost, consult your journal as it often points you in the right direction. In the sneaky parts, your objective is usually towards where the enemy is patrolling.

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