Wednesday 19 December 2018

The Cursed: Saviours of Hap

[Part of the Cursed story line.]

Since the old man's tip was as good as any, the party journeyed South to Hap but encounter three black dragons on the way! The fight is difficult, with Phiruno getting eaten and Stenriya melted to the bone by acid breath.

That's one hell of a random encounter!

Morale drops even further upon reaching the village as they find it being oppressed by Drow. They manage to reach the inn where they can recouperate a bit, and are joined by old allies Irthorn and Marogund as well as the local Akabar Bel Akash.

The team starts taking out drow patrols on the streets, finding magic to be not as effective on them. On the plus side, the Drow equipment is superior to their current gear so after enough patrols are taken down, the team in full Drow gear heads to the barn and deals with the Efreet commander without much hassle.

The village rejoices and celebrates them as heroes!

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