Saturday, 1 December 2018

December 2018 Status

Just like that, December is upon us. I'm going to call it and say that anything still not done on this list yet is unlikely to be done this hectic month. I'm also reviving the "Compy Can't run" section for the sake of completion. It's amazing how the board game and web comic listing have just sat there for 11 months and barely moved. Maybe next year will be different? :P

    End the year with less weight (-2 kg from last month, running total: -5.9 kg)
    Draw 12 drawings of anything (13/12)
    Make board game prototype (no progress)
    Complete web comic chapter 1 (no progress)
    Clean out wardrobe (socks done)
    +Deal with overhanging trees   

Backlog Update:

FROM GIFTS (or freebies)
Sims 3 (done)

COMPY CAN'T RUN (but I want to play)
Batman: Arkham Knight
Dying Light
Alien Isolation
Shadow of War
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Satellite Reign
Assassins Creed Unity
Astroneer (Alpha)

Board games:
Mice and Mystics Campaign (6/11)
Zombicide: Black Plague Campaign (5/11)
London Dread Campaign (0/4)
Play Adamastor (0/2 modes)

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