Monday, 26 December 2016

Dark Souls II: A Flight of Dragons

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Good thing this dragon had a similar move set to the one at the cathedral. While it certainly had more HP, I still managed to take it down and take a lift up the mountain side to a most magnificent sight: Dragon Aerie. The Emerald Herald was inexplicably here too, and tells me of the ancient dragon I should go talk to high up on the shrine. Sure, that sounds like a plan!

This place is great! :D

This place is a maze of tunnels, cliffs and flimsy rope bridges which are patrolled by prisoner type hollows with lots of knock back attacks (of course). They're not much of a problem though. Neither are the sleeping dragons I tip toe around nor is the return of Fencer Sharon who I defeat once more - this time tossing her off a bridge to make sure I don't see her again.

Eventually I make it across the final, long rickety bridge at a dead sprint (because going slow makes it break, thanks loitering dragon) I make it to the base of the dragon shrine and find a bonfire. Phew! I light it up and BOOM! Shrubbery surprise! Damn it! The shrubbery finally introduces itself as Aldia - the same creep who owns that keep where they experiment with monsters. Apparently he too tried to get rid of the darksign but failed. Now he is a shrubbery. He wonders how I will do before vanishing once again.

The shrubbery is very deep.

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