Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dark Souls II: De ja Vu

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Beyond the chariot chamber is just a dead end with an evil little dwarf who asks if I want to join the (PvP) Covenant of Blood. I say no, and decide to revisit the pretty sinking ruins for anything I missed. While the tall warriors who I previously ran from before are easily defeatable now, all the white knights who previously were just resting are now on their feet - hostile - and deceptively agile for shamblers. I still manage to beat them, and find I missed a turn off during my previous visit. One that led to a red dragon!

And then...

Good thing it is nowhere near as strong as the one from Undead Berg. Once I get under it, this one has no chance. I am then joined by Masterless Glencour, perhaps the only "good" white knight, to enter the nearby cathedral where we face ... Ornstein!? He is nowhere near as tough as last time though and with Glencour tanking it is a very easy victory. Targay, the leader of the Blue Sentinels watched our fight and says we are worthy of joining his order. Again since this is a PvP thing, I say no.

With the cathedral also a dead end, I revisit the Lost Bastille and as usual, find an area and bonfire I totally missed. The Eagle Knight attacks me once more in a dark storage room but this time I defeat him convincingly. Using a lockstone I also open a bridge to a new tower, one guarded by cute little knights. Masterless Glencour assists once more in slaying them and the invader Vorgul the Sinner. At the top, we battle FIVE belfry gargoyles! Glencour is thrown off the roof early, but I still manage a victory (barely) and ring the tower bell. Because that's what I do.

Not this time, Eagle Knight!

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