Friday, 18 December 2015

Neverwinter: Simril Festival 2015 Tips

It's that time of year again as Neverwinter Online rolls out the Simril Festival! In addition to racing, fishing and fighting low level demons (instead of trolls) on the ice this year you can also get bonus, random vouchers for your stronghold through an easy quest to hire refugees who had found their way to Twilight Tor from the Underdark.

Much like last October's Masquerade event, you also get handed an artifact for free which consumes event items for refinement. I strongly recommend holding on to ALL the refinement items till the double refinement event on the last few days of it though for your best chance of max leveling the Simril artifact of union. There's also a double enchants and runes right before it to help you build up your stockpile for the refinement period!

The current calendar is listed as follows:
2x Guild Marks - Dec 17 to Dec 24
2x Profession Resources - Dec 20 to Dec 27
2x XP - Dec 24 to Dec 29
2x Enchants & Runes - Dec 27 to Dec 30
2x Refinement Points - Dec 29 to Jan 4

There's also free stuff to be had simply by visiting the Zen Market (that's the "Z" on the top menu bar) and going to the "Free" sections on the correct date.

Saturday, 12/26 - Free Bag of Holding
Sunday, 12/27 - Free Stone of Health
Monday, 12/28 - Free Experience Booster
Tuesday, 12/29 - Free Blood Ruby
Wednesday, 12/30 - 3x Free Preservation Wards
Thursday, 12/31 - 5x Free Scrolls of Life
Friday, 1/1 - Free Winter Wolf Mount

Note: All dates listed are on server time so you might need to adjust accordingly.

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