Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Arkania: Lonely Inn

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

With no boats heading Westward, the team is forced to go on foot to their next lead. Over the next few days it is clear Shintar is not so good as the replacement hunter while Zubon has an absolute distaste for picking flowers. Fortunately there are some lonely inns on the journey where they can rest up properly. After smashing an orc scouting team and sneaking through the pirate town of Daspota they find yet another isolated inn to crash for the night, only this one is abandoned... and for good reason.

During the evening they investigate strange noises coming from the basement and find a multitude of zombies, skeletons and mummies lurking in the cellars below. They also find prisoners who are slowly turning into the undead monsters thanks to the work of the resident alchemists hiding in the bottom most level. They were summoning something!

Rare to run into a Heptagram. Most bad guys can only go up to six!

It is a very difficult combat against the mage pair and their undead lackies. The Bookahs are knocked out from their vile magics but fortunately the mages burned through their spell power early, forcing them into less favorable hand to hand where they were easily defeated.

After looting a good deal of herbs and alchemical equipment the team cashed in big time at their next stop of Ottarje, not only gaining a significant boost to their wealth from selling loot but from acquiring another map piece from the elderly Hjore Ahrensson.

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