Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Arkania: Unfinished Business

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

With half their number dead, the team returned to Thorwal to bolster their ranks with the barbarianess Wolfy Eyes and the dwarven couple Nerk and Paeroka Bookah. They also decided to spend two thirds of their accumulated wealth on the best gear their money could buy. Turns out this is a LOT of gear, as the herbs Sister C had been collecting fetch a small fortune in the town market combined with Paeroka's haggling ability.

While in town, Master Dramosch summons them once more claiming the thefts in the lower levels of the keep have not stopped so the party descends once more - this time finding the illusionary wall the remaining brigands were hiding behind. While they now attacked in greater numbers they simply were out geared and could barely hurt the team as they were cleared out fully this time all the way to the second level where an alternate entrance - a cavern exiting to the sea - was discovered. No doubt the brigands entry point as well as where the ones that fled ran to.

I'm sure nothing important is behind that...

Though a large, and ominous looking door which Nerk couldn't lockpick blocked the path further into the keep, Master Dramosch was quite pleased with the result - awarding the team the 50 ducats he had promised them from before. With this bit of unfinished business concluded, it was time to find the rest of the treasure map.

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