Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

Just a quick Merry Christmas post to you all! I got some nice goodies this year which I'll probably blog about at a later post, but for now please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season! Since it's the correct time to post it - here's a Casting Crowns carol courtesy of Aywren who made me aware of this song. =)

Coming up next on the blog is the "continuation" of my Darklands tale, which I think I'll be trying to switch back to a daily schedule for. As for New Years Resolutions I'm only going to try have one for next year, and that is simply to Create more and Consume less - a simple yet undoubtedly difficult plan.

For your Christmas bonus links: Here's a site called Flight Aware for those interested in seeing how much metal is overhead and how much traffic Santa's had to contend with this year. You can search for specific flights or by airports. Supposedly Heathrow is the busiest, but just scroll out to see the madness worldwide!

Lastly here's a spot you can watch this crazy anime called One Punch Man for free. I briefly mentioned it before, and continue to recommend it as something crazily different from the standard fare. Your mileage may vary.