Monday, 6 July 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: Accidental Disciple

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

Having become Sara's "accidental" disciple, we head back to Port Atlantis for some basics. I also learn I am her sixth student so far.

Her custom mentor page shows what skills she teaches.

Combat is our main focus as she wants to get me "battle ready", though should I be scared that none of her disciples have graduated? :P She teaches me how to trade the metric ton of BLP ammo I've been collecting, but have no weapon for, into Energy Cells. I can almost perpetually recover your ammo usage she says.

Her method of fighting reduces all the "action" into a highly efficient three key stroke press. "Next Target", "Auto use tool" (ie. fire gun indefinitely), "Loot"

A target that you've locked on and killed but keep shooting at doesn't eat up any more ammo. Also, with this I can't really misfire and hit something I wasn't aiming for.

We're soon out in the field where I'm practicing this new way to fight and learn a few more things.

1) I still have to make sure to ID the targets before opening fire
2) I must not walk backwards from an enemy. Ever.

This reduces the chance of accidental multi-aggro and more importantly develops Dodge and Evade skills.

Since training is going to be a grind, I'm going to stop the journal here for the time being. Thank you for reading and I hope this series has shed some light on the Entropia Universe for you! :)

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