Friday, 10 July 2015

Mabinogi: What the hell G19?

So, I've been one to always (usually) sing praises about this cute little game especially on its core combat mechanic which is like a more complicated rock-paper-scissors affair where the skill of the player can often make up for a weak character. Guess what they did in Generation 19?

They've thrown that out the window for the new story line, and have made the majority of the regular spawns have heavy stander. For those that don't know what that means: If you previously countered an enemy, they would get knocked back. If you defended an attack, they get stunned. If you smashed them, you knocked them back and bought room to prepare a defense or counter again. Heavy Stander negates all of that.

Now you counter, you do damage but they continue to attack. You defend, it blocks one attack but they continue to attack. You smash, they take damage and continue to attack. Ehhhh?

This does give new weaknesses for the AI when they defend though because usually a knock back triggers the AI to change their move. Now when they defend, you spam smash and when they counter you spam windmill.

But that's just the normal spawns. Wait till you run into a -full powered- Gigrashiy (winged form), the first of whom you must beat in a solo mission. Definitely way worse than Glas!

Wearing a pink sea bream robe probably didn't help. 

  • It is an HP sponge.
  • It has a strong staff swing (evade by being behind it)
  • It poisons you from range (unavoidable, hits through mana shield).
  • It can pick you up and stab you with the staff (unavoidable).
  • It can freeze you in ice which does damage when it explodes (unavoidable).
  • It can fly up and land right where you are, dealing damage (unavoidable even if blocked).
  • When <20% health, it summons a shade of yourself where you are which runs towards it.
  • If your shade reaches his hit box he gets healed, and you die. Instantly.
  • He can and does spam all the above. 
  • You need a specific skill set to fight them which you won't have yet at this fight.

Not sure who thought up of changing the combat system like this but I for one hate it. No point in thinking what to do, nor can you have fights where you take no damage if you time the correct moves. Now it's just "use your most damaging attacks". Yep, just like all the other mmos out there.

Correction: I think I found who thought up of this change.

Stupidest design decision ever. Way to kill your own uniqueness, Mabinogi. If I want to just DPS my way through fights I'll just go play Neverwinter Online.


  1. Yeah, Girgashiy is really annoying, ranged attacks are one of the best thing you can use there. Good thing I started alchemy before starting G19, and ended up getting to rank 12, so good enough with drain life, flame burst and water cannon. Without using Noa stones and balloon form the event to revive, I'm not sure I would have made it to the end, especially for the one with wings (third one I think it was).

    1. Yep! Since I've got no alchemy and only basic ninjitsu / dual gun I have to rely on close quarters for now which is really bad given the Gigrashiy's move list.

      Archery is too slow and lance (which again isn't my forte) only can do well as long as I stay mounted. >.< Will need a fair bit of training and prep I think before I retry this.