Wednesday 15 October 2014

Tropico 3: Stability of Law

[This is part of my Tropico 3 Journal!]

After personally killing some rebels and winning the next election I was contacted by local crime lord Don Pez with a 8k donation towards the island. He also mentioned something of owing him a favour but I didn't really listen at that point because people were striking, rebel numbers were growing, and the threat of a military coup kept coming up. Fortunately with Don's donation and some development aid from the US, I was able to enact the Social Security and Food for the People edicts which bought enough time to settle down all those factions.

Soon I was building hotels, a casino (where I had to jail cheating intellectual scum), a zoo, a bank, TV and Radio stations and all those other wonderful things we often take for granted. The drain on the power grid was initially too strong so I needed a second power plant constructed mirroring the first as the tourism trade began to take off. Things were going so well that I actually had to start stopping people from coming into the island (250+ population at that point) and had to build extra roads to lessen traffic!

Don Pez tried to blackmail me to kill someone at that point to which I refused so he tried to slander my reputation. Who are the people to believe, a crime lord or the guy that gets the Pope to visit? No, my sway at that point is too powerful and I am too well liked by all to have any further issues, even when pirates began attacking freighters I just challenged their leader and defeated him.

All up it was a victorious campaign and though I only pocketed 14,482 pesos (low) in the Swiss bank account, Carmencita was doing well. As a final act to ensure the criminal elements didn't get out of hand I allied with the US, letting them build a military base and basically take over.

Ameeeeeriiiica! (art by Sharpwriter)

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