Friday, 10 October 2014

Tropico 3: No Puppet

[This is part of my Tropico 3 Journal!]

My good friends from USSR offered their help in my little situation. I had the choice of getting free construction or construction bonuses but instead I chose for them to send in KGB agents to hunt down any stupid rebels hiding in the jungle. In an effort to cut their numbers down even more I offered them amnesty, forgiveness so they would return to the fold. Alas only one fool agreed to that (and was never heard from again). Soon it was election time again and somehow, the people loved me so much that I won against Erwin Jefferson by a landslide of 97 - 26. Mothers were even naming babies after me. I must be doing something right!

And then once more, the tide turned. Our little island had to fight off pirates while the gold mines ran out of gold and soon people began dying of starvation! Without enough food to feed the 170 people under my rule I ordered the immigration office to use a "closed door" policy (no one enters) and immediately went into debt with the World Bank by rapid construction of farms and fisheries. During this time, the wife of General Navarro (the guy who thinks I'm his puppet) casually asks me for $10k to buy a fur coat. Obviously I say no. The rebel leader Enrique takes this as a sign that I might be turning to his side and via letter bluntly gives me one last chance to choose my allegiances. I finally reply which side I truly am on: My own.

Storming into General Navarro's camp I put a bullet right into his face and capture his wife to be sold as a slave. My reputation with the military is so high now that it becomes a non-event, but despite their loyalty they are badly outnumbered by the rebels, who I learn are about to try storm my palace. I could make an alliance with the US or USSR to strengthen my numbers here but I decide that it must be a battle settled by the people. I decide to put conscription into effect, allowing uneducated people to be soldiers (poor ones) and swelling the ranks of my army immediately. To boost morale (and because I just wanted to) I also organized a Papal visit so that my soldiers could be blessed by the powers of god (no, the Pope in game doesn't do that - he just makes all factions respect you more).

El Presidente doesn't compensate for anything!

Soon enough Enrique and his main rebel force came into open conflict with me and my soldiers at the Presidential Palace itself. After intense fighting, only I and two of my men remained at the end. As for the assassin at large? I had enough funds the next time his trail was caught to hire a better assassin to kill him. Total victory was mine. Alas, I knew that with the island's major gold resource vein depleted, it would only be a matter of time before the place descended into anarchy so it was time to quietly move again elsewhere.

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