Wednesday 22 October 2014

Tales of the Blight: Dragon Age Origins

Since Origin was offering Dragon Age: Origins for free awhile back, and since I never had played it before - I thought I'd give it a whirl and record my play through here.

For all the "Origins" part was talked up, I only really have one choice for my standard character of human rogue which is the Human Noble origin. This also limits my surname to being "Cousland" but I can understand that part as it is better for the voice actors not to always be vague when addressing someone supposedly well known.

Chapters will be entered below as I publish them. Obviously spoilers abound! *looking at you Simcha since I know you are playing it currently!* :)

Chapter 1:   Rail Roaded 
Chapter 2:   All According to Plan
Chapter 3:   He's a Dog
Chapter 4:   Party +3
Chapter 5:   Dead Ends
Chapter 6:   I've got the Magic Magic Magic 
Chapter 7:   The Fade
Chapter 8:   Cleansed
Chapter 9:   Redcliffe Halloween
Chapter 10: The Solution to Everything
Chapter 11: Assassins
Chapter 12: Stronger! Faster! Harder!
Chapter 13: Sit! Stay! Bad Dog!? 
Chapter 14: Ruined the Game
Chapter 15: Gladiator
Chapter 16: Into the Deep
Chapter 17: Sod the Dwarves
Chapter 18: Drama Camp
Chapter 19: Friend Zoned
Chapter 20: Cult of the Dragon
Chapter 21: Not so Simple
Chapter 22: I'll be Back
Chapter 23: People of Importance
Chapter 24: Break in Bad
Chapter 25: Alien Export
Chapter 26: Matters of Leadership
Chapter 27: Ye Olde Rope-a-dope 
Chapter 28: Beginning of the End 
Chapter 29: The Price of War
Chapter 30: Aftermath 

This story has finished for now. Thank you for reading! :)

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