Sunday 12 October 2014

Tropico 3: I am Undone

[This is part of my Tropico 3 Journal!]

Despite the poor conditions on the island I find that I am winning the elections easily (must be getting the knack of speech craft). I soon learn that the terrorist group Joghurta, which I can only assume voodoo shaman Katunga is part of, has other ideas and has planted a WMD that creates natural disasters inside my presidential palace. Instead of taking action that might harm my island, I invite a UN delegate to disarm the weapon which inadvertently destroys cities in both the US and USSR. The angry American president also then demands that I hand the device over, which I do but apparently it goes off again in his home killing a few people. To make matters worse I find the US were actually trying to make clones of me (to take my place) in my private residence (not the palace). To stop their plans I have that location demolished.

Mental note, storing radioactive stuff in your house is a bad idea.

It goes without saying that US warships are soon patrolling the nearby waters so to placate them somewhat I hand over KGB agent Mina Petrova who was trying to convince me to release Llama Flu upon my populace. My own agents soon discover that Joghurta is trying to bribe my own military to stage a coup, so to increase foreign relations request a joint CIA and KGB operation to take them down. With them out of the way and the rebel numbers at an all time low I can refocus on building up the population so I try my best to make people happy with a visit from the Pope, the construction of a sports center to host Pan-Caribbean games, and sneakily put a ban on contraception to increase numbers. I even splurge the treasury money on recruiting foreign experts to just try boost population numbers much to the annoyance of the nationalist faction.

Alas it is to no avail. With people dying of starvation and my economy going all over the place I simply didn't have enough workers to manage everything. Basically the town grew too fast, and it was evident by the number of unmanned construction sites that I splurged the treasury foolishly. Manipulating the wages of farmers and the like also proved to be a mistake as with so many jobs offering the same pay, people were just chillaxing and job jumping instead of having roles filled by demand or necessity. By the end of my term I only have 150 people on the island with a happiness rating of 54%, very short of my target. Mission failed.

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