Monday 10 March 2014

Warframe: Weakspots

Just a quick feature that I really enjoy in Warframe, one which most of its players are aware of too - weak spots. While the Grineer and most Infested take extra damage if hit in the face, the Corpus troopers who wear super effective helmets as well as their robotic MOAs are better handled with body shots (between the legs) while the infested ancients that look a lot like mini Cthulhus are weakest in their ankles, a quite literal Achilles heel.

Is that you, Cthulhu?

This was really highlighted for me recently when my brothers and I were running a mission full of those big guys. I told them to shoot their ankles and they were dropping like flies. What is just a really small feature does keep your mind doing that extra effort of picking your shots which can often be overlooked when you are being swarmed by a whole bunch of different things. Very cool stuff Warframe. Very cool.


  1. Hey Jo! Assuming you're the same one (pretty sure you are) from a now defunct UO shard, you remember me as Torkyn. I don't have anything relevant to add to this article, it's just the most recent, so I figure you'd see this.

    Incidentally, I stumbled on your blog while searching for TES:O stuff. I have to admit, I hope you're right about the negatives getting fixed before launch on that one, because I want it to be good, I really do!

    Anywho, hope you're well and life's treating you all friendly like.
    (This part also applies if you're not the you I know!)


    1. Torkyn! It's been a long time since Shadowcove my friend. I still had the very sturdy light purple warhorse you gave me at the end of the shard. :)

      What are you up to these days other than awaiting TES:O?

    2. In terms of gaming, lately I've been spending a reasonable chunk of time in GTA online and some select single players as they come along. Thief is my latest.

      In terms of life, I've just started an IT degree, so I'm back to being a student!

      Glad to hear the horse was well treated hehe. I'm fairly sure that by the end of the shard, my henchies and horses were all quite well decayed. (Even if my accounts hadn't been blocked, the reason for which I never discovered!)

    3. Whoa, I didn't even know there was a GTA online. :P I never realized you had been blocked ... always thought you had some falling out with Miri and / or just quit. Eek!

      Well you know how to get in touch with me now. I'm currently most active in Neverwinter Online. Trust me to find the free to play stuff huh. :P

  2. Yeah, it's fairly fun if you find some good people to kick around with, but if/when they stop doing free content packs my guess is their player base will drop sharply. That shouldn't be for a while yet, because there's still stuff they promised at launch that they haven't put in yet!

    I had stopped playing for a while before they blocked me, so that might be it, I just never bothered trying to find out really hehe.

    I may check Neverwinter out if I get the mmo bug again, since free is definitely an attractive proposition over a subscription :P

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