Tuesday, 4 March 2014

TiS: Battle Bards! :)

I don't usually win stuff in real life, especially luck related things but today I found out I won something courtesy of the Battle Bards! Thanks Syp, Syl and Steph (or... Stef?)! That certainly made my day. :)


  1. Congrats again! :) I did send you an email to your hotmail account yesterday - did you receive it? (maybe check spam folder also for a mail from the mmo gypsy ^^)

    1. Heya Syl, I did! The only problem is I can't reply to it because I keep getting delivery failures? So instead I tried your "contact me" form. Please let me know if that worked since it said "message sent"! :D

    2. Bahh sorry about that :( there's an issue with my email provider at the moment so it's probably on my end.

      do you want to let me know your steam name here in the comments? It's all I need really :) or you can add me as friend on steam and I add you back - my name is sylversyl there!