Sunday 9 March 2014

Agent of the Enclave

Part of the "Odd Jobs of Neverwinter" journal!
*The writing style in the book is now in a different hand.*

This diary is now property of the Scribes Enclave. While its previous owner is nowhere to be found, we will make use of the many more blank pages to record the plentiful up and coming quests available in and around Neverwinter. This week, our agents tried:

Jump Test @ Vashsama01 (NW-DF7WS108M)
No apparent combat, but our agent found the jumps too difficult and had to abandon the attempt before the first checkpoint.

Monster Hunter Version 1.03 @ 11MIRAGEX (NW-DDSFQ9KSA)
A valley with slowly spawning zombies (literally a zombie farm) that just needed slaying. Our agent found they were slowly becoming a zombie too due to the monotony so they were forced to flee.

A Simple Request @ OoKeNnEThOo (NW-DIC2E7M92)
A very enjoyable quest that our agents ran twice. Good designed encounters, optional flavor text all around and a decent hidden boss battle make this the most memorable one of the week.

Valia's Last Stand @ Lorheith (NW-DHNRM4CR3)
A straight forward and unpolished quest that saw our agent finishing off an undead army in their crumbling castle while rescuing some captives.

Towers and Trolls @ choose4me (NW-DIXHTZ2JH)
A humorous and easy quest involving a table top RPG played in a tavern wherein the players really "get into" the game. Features a difficulty adjuster in the "Stone of Difficulty", should you decide to pick it up during the adventure.

The Chicken Maze @ pegasus666 (NW-DD4KQBB3Y)
Our agent couldn't find the start point, so this quest was quickly dropped.

Part One - Learn the Basics @ xxkamasangelxx (NW-DINUOMOTR)
The first part of the Merlin tale where our agent played as the titular wizard which followed the source material pretty closely (a lot of reading, probably breaks EULA though). Disappearing and reappearing actors and props made for a slightly jarring experience.

An Unmarked Grave @ xTripleshotx (NW_DHOTQVHUK)
A pretty solid quest where our agent helped Elwin the Sage put her father's spirit to rest. With a lot of violence.

Hired Blades @ isojourner (NW-DQN2UP745)
Very simple quest of evil alignment that also seemed broken. Fitting since crime doesn't pay.

The Marked Queen - Part 1 @ rph4ze (NW-DBVWAZNU)
Combat heavy quest with many challenging fights for a solo quester. Frustratingly, there is also no reward chest to be found after our agent slaughtered the Marked Queen and her army. In short, a big waste of time.

Prueba01 @ currolordofcaos (NW-DD6YF8RF3)
Our agent couldn't find the start point, so this quest was quickly dropped.

Against the Red Wizards @ GuitarZan698 (NW-DEX75VHLQ)
Part two of "the Vulgar Unicorn" campaign, it makes use of interesting map conservation methods and is on the light-moderate side when it comes to combat. Unfortunately it is plagued with flashing/rendering pieces that gave our agent a minor headache while playing through it.

Shadowfell Disciples @ orangefire (NW-DEBISCCCR)
A fantastic quest that quickly grows from a simple "hunt the goblins" mission with excellent custom made maps. Highly recommended especially as it's the first one of a campaign.

Crimson Descent @ mymecoleon (NW-DRWNLMGYV)
A deeply lore based mission where our agent was assisting another mercenary group against some Thayans with a lot of extra reading for those who look for it. It also features a highly custom map and is very combat heavy.

Kolde Acres: Grandmother @ koldelegacy (NW-DDKURMXWQ)
A story based exploration quest through expansive custom maps with extra side missions for those who chase after it. The first mission our agent has encountered that actually has some ingenious cutscene mechanics.

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