Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Future Tech: Exosuits and Invisible Helmets

Time for something a bit different. I love coming across tidbits of technological advancement, especially when they come with cool video clips! Not sure if these are of interest to anyone else but I thought I'd share. Note that some of these are actually older now, so I can only imagine the progress that's been done on them. :)

Let's start with the Invisible Bike Helmet. Scroll halfway down this page to watch the video. I think it's pretty amazing. Then let's move on to exoskeletons!

This is now the -old- model!

The exoskeleton projects have also always interested me, however in the past there's always been the slight problem of having a huge power cable running along behind you. Well, that seems to have been solved and now it seems there are exoskeletons being deployed in nursing care (Japan tech) and the armed forces (USA tech). Shouldn't be too long till we see ground based Iron Men I would think. Here's an extra TED talk about the HULC system for those keen on this technology. Would be cool if they combined it with the new combat armor tech too!

Lastly is the highly viewed jump by Felix Baumgartner. It's a pretty cool vid and one certainly worth at least one watch, especially if you like sky diving. In this case I think he's starting pretty close to space though. :P 

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