Thursday 14 November 2013

MMO Design Folder

Since I've been posting a fair bit about MMO design lately I thought I'd just collate them all into one place to make them easier to find later on. Ordered from newest to oldest.

An AFK PUG Solution
MMOs: Limited Resource Design
Design: Longer Combat isn't always more Fun
MMOs: Enemies should be like Plants
Ban those Lockboxes II
Bad Design: Checkpoints
Bad Design: Unenforced Laws
Ban those Lockboxes
Design: Subtitles Mandatory
MMOs: How not to Sunset a game
MMO Agendas: Do you quit at max level?
MMO Agendas: Pixel Wedding / Affair
MMO Agendas: The Rule of Law vs. Judicial Temperance
MMO Agendas: Rights of the Accused vs. Swift Justice
MMO Agendas: Investment vs. Immediate Need
MMO Agendas: Checks and Balances vs. Expediency
MMO Agendas: Council of Elders vs. Trial by Jury
MMO Agendas: Accountability vs. Privacy
MMO Agendas: Rehabilitation vs. Punishment
MMO Agendas: Freedom of Expression vs Public Decency
MMO Agendas: Achievement vs Equality
MMO: Shop Price Comparison
Game Design: PvP in "Story Based" Games
MMOs: Idle Hands
MMOs: Vindictus Quest Structure
Design: Empty / Scaled Maps
MMOs: Getting Players back in the Game
MMOs: Vet Party Building
Question: Non Combat Excitement
NWO: Black Ice Backfire
Design: Credits
MMOs: Witcher Potion System
MMOs: Gold Denial
Poor Design: Competitive PvE
MMOs: Fairer RNG Drops
MMOs: Ammunition
MMOs: Fame and Influence
MMOs: Unmarked Quests
MMOs: A Test of Morals
MMOs: One of a Kind Items
MMOs: Voice Actors
MMOs: Rewarding the Ordinary
MMOs: Spells and Spelling
MMOs: Need more Heroes and less Soldiers
MMOs: Why we Hunt
MMOs: The Problem with Levels
MMOs: Where Equipment is more Heroic than You
MMOs: Stale Worlds
MMOs: Fast Travel
MMOs: Winning Conditions
MMOs: Zone Population Balance
MMOs: Cheaters in the Third Party
MMOs: Consqeuences of Choice
NBI: Armchair Game Designer
MMOs: Craftiest Ideals
MMOs: Level Restriction and Threat

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