Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Darklands: A sign from God

This is part of The Darklands story.

The party found themselves standing before a dark tower. When Bishop Syp tried to talk to the peasants that lived in its shadow they were too frightened to speak, but the look of hardship on their faces told him all he needed to know. Against the wishes of the other three in the party he marched right up to the guards and requested an audience with the residing lord. A request that was declined.

While the others wanted to move on, Syp vehemently stood his ground on getting into the tower and meeting this lord who puts hardship on his serfs. Gypsy Syl playfully suggested that they wait for nightfall and then scale the walls if he was so desperate. To everyone's surprise, the old bishop agreed and there was little they could do to talk him out of it.

Alas, climbing a tower wall without any equipment is a challenging task, one beyond the abilities of an elderly bishop. Fortunately he wasn't so high up when he fell, forcing the others back down to carry him to the safety of the nearby woods. The gypsy playfully questioned why the angels didn't catch his fall, and Ravanel suggested that maybe that was God's way of telling them to move on.

Also a sign to NOT try this without a rope.

Syp the Elder had no choice but to agree as Bhagpuss carried him off to the next town, at least until his leg got better.

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