Sunday 10 November 2013

Change of Alignment [NWO]

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa!

He should have killed me. That's what keeps running through my head. It all began when I answered Lord Neverember's last call to arms, to assault a demon controlled cathedral in Helm's Hold. After slashing through waves of imps and cultists I found myself standing before a horrible pit fiend. His attacks were just too strong, and my arms too weak. Worse, he was taunting me in my mind the whole time... showing me... horrible visions.

I was defeated. I was ready to die, then he showed up: Joseph Skyrim, my psycho ex. Ex-boss that is. Slaying demons is a specialty for him and his family. In mere minutes the pit fiend was flayed, mutilated, and dead - in that order. But it did something to me. Broke something inside. I didn't tell anyone about it. A few days after I decided to join another expedition (a popular one for a change), which sent me to the fire ruins to destroy a cursed ring... only there at the precipice I... changed my mind.

"Tired of Being the Hero" @ Stebss (NW-DGTCLL4N74)
It was incredibly fun killing my own party and the contigent of guards that came with us. Acquiring an ability to call forth an army of shades was just an extra bonus. When I exited that place I felt... free. Powerful. Able to do anything I wanted.

My first stop was Vellosk. Ever since arriving in the Sword Coast I've heard tales of the werewolves there. I have a personal grudge against that species so I decided to rid the world of a few of them. It was going splendidly well until he showed up again. This time it was me he was hunting, and somehow he defeated my new found abilities and beat me into the dirt with just his fists. He didn't kill me though. He just broke some of my bones and left me for the wolves... well, more like "hand delivered" right to their chieftain. Now I sit here as their prisoner, waiting for my turn in the clan's pit fight where the losers get eaten and the winners live merely to fight again.

He should have killed me. Because when I get out of here, I'm going get stronger - get better - and then I'm going to hunt him down.

One angry dwarf.

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