Tuesday 2 July 2013

XCOM: Defenders of the Earth

With the very stylish DmC done and dusted I've moved on to a strategy game involving aliens invading the Earth. There's a special task force for that, and it's called XCOM. Furthermore it looks like something I can have fun blogging about, given that this agency had the really -bad- idea of making me the commander! :P

For those interested this is my first game, set on Classic difficulty and with all second wave options active. Spoilers ahead!

1.   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2.   Recover Miss Sing Person
3.   Scrambled Eggs... from Space
4.   Le Le Le Le Le Le Bombe!
5.   Valkyrie Squad
6.   Raiders of the Downed UFOs
7.   Alien Necromancy
8.   My Churro, Your Taco
9.   A Little Bit of Conversation
10. All Your Base!
11. Second Wave
12. That Didn't go Well
13. I Respect you as a Fighter
14. Out of Options
15. Authority Equals Asskicking
16. The Titan Project 
17. They have MECHS!?
18. Walk like an Egyptian
19. Total Annihilation
20. UFO Assault 101
21. A Nasty Surprise
22. Future Combat
23. Back to how it all Began
24. Saviour of the World 
25. Final Score

This story has finished! Thanks for reading! :)

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