Wednesday, 22 July 2015

ZMR: Zombies Monsters Robots (F2P)

In this Free to Play FPS game, players are mercenaries who go on various missions against all sorts of bad guys. Yes, there are zombies, monsters and robots (some of which you can ride) but there are also spirits and valkyries and dinosaurs that shoot rockets! As you can imagine it is pretty crazy, and possibly why there always seems to be more PvE activity rather than PvP, which is awesome for me. As your character ranks up or when you complete quests you are also rewarded with better gear (later on, just a chance for better gear) but if you are impatient you can head over to the cash shop to spend real money or in-game gold for upgrades, most of which are "rented" and expire after 7 - 30 days depending on how much you pay.

There are a good number of maps each with unlockable difficulty levels (which I usually hate but its forgivable here), and you can also drop into a game midway which is great, but remember that your bonus loot comes from your position ranking at the end of the match. If you get downed and are unable to be saved by a team mate you will need to spend a revive token to respawn. When you join any map you have 3 for free (doesn't stack, and you don't get to keep them) which for the normal difficulty is plenty. On harder modes you might need to start spending the extra ones you gain as rewards because the bad guys start doing some serious damage.

Bullets and lasers everywhere!

Most missions fall into one of three categories: survive waves of enemies (more waves per difficulty), defend a portal to prevent enemy waves from escaping, and assaulting a location which doubles as story mode complete with high adrenaline boss fights, decent tunes and questionable voice acting. Despite the number of maps it doesn't take long to feel the grindiness but it is still a pretty fun shooter regardless. Also, because PvE is cooperative there's less of a balance issue with pay to win guys as you are all on the same team. I also find it pretty cool that you can pick up the weapons of your enemies, which is another way to gain those high powered guns, albeit temporarily.

All up I give ZMR three and a half sexy, sword swinging valkyrie dinosaur pirate spirits out of five and is an easy title to recommend to FPS fans - especially those who are more interested in cooperative play. You can find it on steam and as I said at the start, it costs you nothing to try it out!

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