Monday, 20 July 2015

Eternal Senia (Free Game)

This is a free little game that's available on Steam and was built on the RPG Maker system in which the player controls Senia as she searches for her "sister" in the Tower of Eternity. It might sound pretty plain but thanks to the developers reworking of the system it plays more like an action RPG than the standard type, which means you'll be more: evading red areas on the floor and less (actually none): taking turns with enemy groups to hit each other.

Instead every time you bump into an enemy you exchange damage. It sounds weird but it works, especially when you start gaining special moves and it makes for a much faster and fun game play. There's also a fair bit of crafting you can do to upgrade your gear and bonus quests that encourage you to find all the secrets or kill all the monsters. I found it pretty clever to put the quest givers at the END of a level too, meaning you may have already completed the things they wanted you to do by the time you get to them. If you want to go back for completion or press on through the game is entirely up to you.

Makes the grinding less grindy!

While there are some slight translation problems in that some of the lines are poor in grammar or spelling it tells a pretty decent story and one that is easy to follow. Highlighting that "games should be fun, not work" every single boss fight has a selectable difficulty level too (easy, normal, hard) and you are not penalized in anyway for whatever you choose. All up Eternal Senia is a fun game to play, earns three and a half little fairies out of five, and is easy for me to recommend to any gamer out there looking for an easy "down time" game. You should give it a try. As I said at the start, it is completely free!

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