Thursday, 23 July 2015

The New World

Pocahontas as you've never experienced before, and with any luck - never will.

Basically this is the Pocahontas story without any singing, though it mostly follows male leads Colin Farrell (1st half) then Christian Bale (2nd half) and their "love" for the native princess. On the positive side, the sets and costumes are fantastic. The score a little lacking but I can see what they were trying to do with a sweeping string piece for the ship shots, a piano piece for Farrell and a piano piece for Bale. Alas most of the time, the music doesn't match what's taking place.

Also, Pocahontas seems to be tripping balls for 30% of the movie.

Worse still is that the movie suffers from very odd cutting, inserting random geography shots (which by themselves are nice), and definitely too much of "he looks at her, she looks back" shots - sometimes around ten in a row. This, in combination with quiet internal monologues from each lead plus a general lack of action makes for an incredibly dull tale as the plot moves along at a turtle's pace. A turtle climbing Mt. Everest, while missing two legs and carrying seven anvils. If you want to waste almost three hours of your life then this film is for you, otherwise I deem it Not Worth Watching and give it one sailing ship out of five.

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