Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Machinist

"If you were any thinner you wouldn't exist."

This movie serves as my example of what a good opening credits sequence is. It's a still shot in which a skeletal Christian Bale is rolling up a body in a carpet and then having a smoke. Nothing fancy and no stupid helicopter shots of a city. Anywho, that aside this movie has one main driving force: intrigue. Bale works as a machinist who suffers from severe insomnia and general unwellness.

If only I could find that fridge...

Things get much worse when his condition causes an accident at work and almost the entire world seems to turn on him. It's an interesting movie, and all the puzzle pieces mostly fall into place at the end but there are moments that range from "uncomfortable" to well beyond the realms of "WTF".

The quote above is said to Bale's character a few times but it could also be said of the underlying plot. Despite the film's best effort I still can't help but give it only one and half post-it notes out of five because it simply isn't as entertaining as some of the other movies I've already seen. For that same reason I have no desire to watch it again nor can I recommend it to anyone. :(

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