Friday, 3 July 2015

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Don't eat the fucking candy.

I must admit I did not have high hopes for this movie from the get go, perhaps that's why I was somewhat surprised by the end result. So, the movie follows Hansel and Gretel after their encounter with the Gingerbread House Witch. Yep, filled with rage they became witch hunters - obviously! Just from that you can probably tell the tone of this flick is not too serious which actually plays into it's favor.

Kill witches with fire. Bring auto crossbows and gatling rifles to look cool.

There are ludicrous guns, story twists and some stupid characters but these are easily overlooked for me as the very violent and sometimes gory fight scenes against the witches (who all have cool powers) are pretty amazing to watch. Yes, there's a little bit of swearing and cheesiness in the movie but really, anyone who is ok with that level of gore would probably be ok with that minor detail. I give this film two bolts out of five and actually would like to watch it again. 

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