Monday, 1 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia

Decided to try out this little MMO called Planet Calypso, now better known as the Entropia Universe, an open world sci-fi experience and one of the few games whose currency ties directly to the US dollar (1 US = 10 PED). Yup, if you earn enough PED you can even cash it out. Wonder how well a F2P player would fare in such a place? So did I.

No Better Lure
The Locals
Taking a Walk
Port Atlantis
A Helping Hand
The Crashed Boat
Body Parts and Shrapnel
Plans for the Poor
The Swim
A Lesson in Space
Exploring the Peaks
Strength Keep
Pushing the Limit
The Feffox Attack
The Moth 
The Flame
An Awesome Rescue
Sara by Sea
A Test of Piloting
No Sweat
The Outback
Accidental Disciple

This story has finished for now! Thank you for reading! :) 


  1. Liking this journal like journey you are doing. It's short, entertaining and has some cool screenshots. I never gave Entropia a thought, but it actually looks kind of fun.

    1. Thanks Roger! Glad someone is enjoying reading it! :)