Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Stuffed toys grow up too.

This is the story of how an ordinary guy has to choose between his life long best friend and his long time girl friend. It just so happens that one of them is a magical, living teddy bear. This cameo filled comedy is not one for kiddies though as the obscenity meter is pretty high, which is odd for a flick that has a pretty nice music backing it. There are a number of hilarious moments, but those are also tempered with jokes that reference other movies and shows that may go overhead for some.

Now I know it was the intent of the plot to make the main male characters a bit douche baggy, but for me it pushed it to the point where I wasn't cheering for them anymore. I actually caught myself hoping that they would fail and die miserably, and was liking the cameo characters better which is always a bad sign. Fortunately they -somewhat- redeem themselves in the third act, but not quite enough for my tastes. All up, I give Ted two and a half stuffings out of five and have no desire to watch it again.

Right back at ya, Ted.

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