Monday, 29 June 2015

The Darkest Hour

If you can survive the slow start you might enjoy the rest of the film.

Without exaggeration this film has one of the slowest and most mundane first 15-20 minutes I've seen. As nice as Moscow is there is simply nothing important happening. NOTHING. It actually reached the stage where I was loudly proclaiming that "someone better die soon or I'm ending the movie".

Faraday Cat is not impressed.

Fortunately at that stage, aliens invade and LOTS of people die! YAY! Seriously, you can skip to the part where the lights fall from the sky and treat that as the start. Not sure why they felt the need for adding that horrendous non-eventful crap before hand. Anywho, the story then focuses on a small group of people who are trying to survive this invasion - which actually makes for an interesting movie.

The best aspect for me is the aliens themselves. They are unique and CGI saving (you'll understand when you see them). I also like that while dangerous, they do have their share of weaknesses. Perhaps most importantly they don't suffer from a "mother ship" or "one boss" symptom. It almost sets the stage for a FPS game actually, one I'd enjoy playing. I also wish that the Metro segment was a bit longer but I imagine that would just be all action and expense for the special FX department and no substance to the story.

All up I give this film three flickering light bulbs out of five, and surprisingly would like to watch it again! Though, I'd probably busy myself with making popcorn / preparing snacks or something during the incredibly dull opening if I wasn't allowed to skip it.

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