Thursday, 4 June 2015

Running with Rifles

This top down shooter focuses solely on one thing: GLOBAL DOMINATION!

It's cute, has a lot of weapons and vehicles, and has a tendency to kill players a lot. I do quite like that instead of damage each weapon simply has a percentage chance of killing upon impact. Yes, you can mitigate this somewhat with bullet proof vests but you will only unlock that once you have a fair bit of XP (level locked equipment) and RP (requisition points) to "trade" for said equipment. Gaining these two currencies can be a little slow, leaving most newbies no option but to play front line rifleman grunt who will need to learn the essentials of staying low and in cover early.

I can understand the idea behind that, but playing a front line rifleman grunt is boring - especially for the amount of time you have to. Yes you can use any vehicle but someone with a higher rank can always pull you out and take over. The dullness is felt even more in single player against the AI who only attack one location at a time in a linear fashion.

Indeed, it's better to skip that altogether and jump into either a full PvP server or, my preference, a Coop server where everyone tries to defeat the enemy bots. Definitely not as easy as you might think as the insta-kill bullets are the great balancer. You might have the intellect, but the AI probably has ten more guns firing at you. All up, I give it two out of five bullets. It's a fun little diversion but not something I would ever classify as a "main" game.

Here's a small clip (thanks to my brother again) to give you an idea of the game play. I'm the guy with the light blue circle who dies a lot. :P

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