Friday 19 April 2024

Blades in the Dark: The Battle of Brightstone

[Part of the Party Time journal]

The team are unopposed as they enter the district and can't help but attack the Leviathan Hunter headquarters head on. Onna and Strangford fight on equal footing while his forces (80) are cut down by DL, shot by mom, and have grenades detonated by Juris' ghost. When the forty members of the Church of the Ecstasy  of the flesh flank them, Rose convinces some of them to fight their comrades! Much blood is spilled and the second (and last) of the F-bombs are detonated in the exchange.

In the end the vigilantes are out on the street with just the demon Elder Rowan left, when suddenly Strangford attacks from above. DL saves Juris from a fatal blow, but the attack destroys Onna's mirror (and with her anchor gone, Onna too is destroyed) and then engaging with his cutlass. As he has the fang of kotar it makes him really difficult to hit (reroll successes) and manages to badly wound all the heroes before DL finally manages to behead him. Juris tricks the arriving Spirit Wardens into attacking Rowan too who destroys all but 13 of them before the demon is finally put down. They then get out of there before the Leviathan hunting ships can open fire but they didn't need to worry as the Lord Governor's destroyer shoots first, enganging the fleet in naval combat.

When they get back to their hideout they are surprised to find the Lord Governor waiting for them there. Juris takes a terror roll as he realizes he is a star vampire. Nevertheless, the Lord Governor thanks them for their service - because of them the losses to the city are minimal and should the need arise in the future he hopes to be able to call on them for their help. He lastly introduces himself as Karl Orlais-Trantor Argen-Reich, (or Kotar for short) then takes his leave.

And that is the end of this campaign! While Juris was really into it, mom was only most active when there was dice rolling involved so I'll need to take that into consideration if/when I make campaign number two. :)

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