Saturday 9 December 2023

Apex and The Equalizer 3

Where action heroes get old.


In a future where entitle rich people go on group safaris to hunt down lone human prey, a group of hunters (whose leader is played by Neal McDonough) run into their ultimate challenge yet. An old retired ex-cop who wears sandals and a bright red jacket to hide in the forest played by Bruce Willis (and his body double half the time I'd imagine, when you only see his feet, shoulder or back). As for the rest, its a predictable plot with B- grade acting and poor effects. Not recommended.

The Equalizer 3

Robert (Denzel Washington) makes a silly blunder after one of his justice-murder sprees and luckily is taken in by a quiet town to recuperate. Obviously there is a criminal element that happens to be threatening the populace here too and so that our protagonist has something to "Equalize" but while the premise is ok, the bad guys are simply too low level and don't even pose a challenge once he decides to take action, leading to an anti-climactic ending which is a shame since the start was pretty good. The first two movies were much better.

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