Wednesday, 6 April 2016

NWO: Day of the Dungeon Master

It's been awhile since Respen last visited and this time with equally crazy Portobello Davinci, the "board game" within a game has grown from a mere skirmish into two small campaigns. Yes, very grindy campaigns and ultimately not very rewarding unless you somehow luck out and get a Beholder Tank mount. Still, the setting is fantastic and doing stuff as a miniature is a good change from the norm.
The Trial of Traps lives up to its name.

While Respen's previous adventures are exactly the same, Portobello's ones are time locked - releasing more boards / adventures as the weeks progress. Collecting adventurer accreditation (the campaign currency) can be painful with the currently unskippable cutscenes, but at least the content itself is pretty light-hearted, fast to clear and most importantly - fun.

Look out for the giant dice!

I'm also quite pleased with the pewter golem companion, a blue level defender who punches every second, has a chance of knock down and an AoE attack. I got my first one from the end chest of one of Respen's forest adventures. The second one was much easier as they are relatively cheap at the Auction House.

Probably not going to gun for all the rewards in this one as it is simply too time consuming, especially for two characters, but I'm still thankful for this "filler" content just as a change of pace.

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