Saturday, 5 September 2015

Sunset Six: Not the Best Intro

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Not what I was expecting.

Whoa, I guess Egypt has advanced enough for me to start out wearing a suit? Also, it seems pretty small... island like in fact with a whole bunch of people simply gambling with bitcoins. Someone eventually clues me in that "Dragon's Tale" is the little gambling section of the enterprise and entirely not the game I'm looking for. I find that it's pretty bad that the interface doesn't tell me this itself, but anyway a quick restart and I find myself in the correct Egypt this time.

Screen clutter much?

Alright, looking better this time though... there's a ton of tabs blocking the view huh? The worst sin in this one is that the "Tutorial" box up the top is actually blocking a bunch of actions which you need to perform to start clearing the "Welcome to Egypt" quest checklist. Took me a long while to work out that the "Gather Slate" icon was simply behind that stupid box. Again, bad design interface!

Further down the list I am tasked with growing flax, which requires vigilant weeding, and literally watching grass dry. Not really the best intro to a game I would think?

Exhilarating.... zzzzz.

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