Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sunset Six: Strangely Specific

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Continuing on the theme of Body tests that send you running far and wide, the Test of the Singing Cicada is actually not that bad. In it, you gain points for taking cicadas from nests (hidden by other players) and more points over time for nests you hide well. These things make a very loud noise over a decent distance so they aren't that hard to find. My advice is not to look for them at all until you hear the noise because you'll find enough when you go shroom hunting.

The more points you have, the better your speed attribute will be.

In the Test of the Oyster Catcher you must first learn how to swim (which requires paying tuition at schools) and then patrol the banks for tell tale signs of light in the water. This grid actually plays like a game of lights out: turning off all the lights nets you a pearl, the size of which is determined by the grid difficulty.

It's pretty fun... when you solve it. :P

The Test of the Ritual Tattoo is a higher level test where after assembling a mortar, you must assemble all the ingredients at a specific spot. So, it might say "on dirt, near a road, near a large stone" which is what I needed in the picture below.

Strangely Specific.

That part isn't so bad though as you have the little helper window to guide you. The bad part is you need to put one of the dozens of herbs in the game in that mortar. They too move about but aren't as bad as mushrooms in that department. In fact they wait quite awhile! No, the bad part is this:

Oh, it's "some type of herb".

SOME TYPE OF HERB? Yep. ALL the plants you might need to forage for this are named "Some type of herb". Put the wrong one in and sorry, you need to start again and lose all the other material you put in your mortar. But how do you know what to put in then? You study the wiki. I'm not kidding. Please click the link and scroll down just to see how many herbs there are available.

The amount of information you need from the wiki in this game is staggering. Also, good news if you start in Tale 7 - the values for things (possibly plant names) will all be switched around! Woohoo. :P

I should also mention that there is one more Body test after all of these but my stats are simply not high enough to even start it. >.<

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