Monday, 16 March 2015

Today I Smiled: Back Breaker +11

Hi everyone! Let me start by apologizing for the delay in my replying to comments. For the last few weeks I was actually overseas and didn't have real dependable access to a computer. How did I still have a post everyday while I was away? Simple. I scheduled them all before I left - I didn't really know I could do that until now. You can tell which ones were automated by their unusually structured posting time stamp.

Apparently it's a common feature and as such, I'm going to be cutting the time down for what I think are "inactive" blogs by a week. I wasn't even AT a computer and could blog. Daily. Yes, what I did was over kill but it just goes to show what one can do with a little prep time. 

Any who it was a good vacation, and now that I'm back I can properly reply to a chain-questionaire nomination from Isey. Much like a few others, I don't really like chain letter stuff but Isey gave me a game with zombies once so I owe him (and I like light, silly questions)! I'm supposed to also list eleven random facts about me to start off with but I'll skip that step, if you really really want to know random stuff go visit my Blaugust posts. :P

Onto Isey's silly questions:

What is the last book you read? What did you learn from it?
The Golem City. I learned that Juris (author and my guildmate) can write! :P

Favourite quote?
Goodness doesn't come from avoiding evil. It comes from facing it and over coming it.

Best Vacation Ever (either in the past, or one you want to do!)

Favourite outdoor sport?
Hrm I'd say Capoeira since that's one I did the longest but it can be indoors too.

What languages do you speak? If only one, what do you WISH you could speak?
I can speak English & Tagalog. I can understand Spanish but can't speak it.

Do you vote?

Where did your blogging alias come from?
My first dungeons and dragons character. He has stuck with me since then to almost all my current MMOs. :P

Laptop or Desktop for gaming?

Your favourite trait about yourself?

Favourite sports team?
Uhhh... none. I don't really follow many team sports. >.<

Are you ticklish? Where?
Yes, almost everywhere!

I'm supposed to nominate more people at this point to do an eleven question survey but I think I'll stop here. Hope you enjoyed reading! Ah, as a heads up I'll also be collating those photo story posts I did as an experiment. Turns out they were pretty popular and comparatively easy to prepare so maybe you'll be seeing more of those in the future too!

Lastly, here's a cat playing whack a mole... because I like silly videos. :P


  1. Well, you had me fooled with your stealth holiday. I didn't notice a thing!

    1. Hehe stealth holiday! Sounds like something ninjas take! ;p

  2. Same here! I do use the publish later every once in a while in Wordpress, but usually if I am writing at a weird time.

    Thanks for answering the questions - I did keep them light and silly so it wouldn't feel as much like work for people to respond =)

    1. No worries Isey! As I said I like light and silly! ^_^