Sunday 29 March 2015

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends

The eighth iteration of the same game.

Personally, the last one I played I think was Dynasty Warriors 3 a long time ago. While the graphics are better it is pretty much the same action game as that one but with more rock music because its so Xtreme it doesn't need that initial "e".

So Xtreme Lubu's horse can charge-surf through a tidal wave!

If you've never played any Dynasty Warriors game before you basically get put into the shoes of some semi-historic person and spend most of your time in semi-historic battlefields to slaughter knock out thousands upon thousands of foes with attacks that range into the magical and the absurd (but still cool to do).

Important characters (and there are quite a few) have pretty nice and unique models. The less important the character, the more generic the model. This means standard soldiers come from a clone factory and only differentiate themselves by the color of their sashes and head wraps. Not that it matters, you soon learn to pay them no attention what so ever.

There are quite a few modes of play, but my favorites were the Story mode (which you should play in order by the way, starting from Lu Bu and working your way down to Jin) because you learn a bit of quasi-history while watching a lot of cut scenes and Ambition mode which sees you develop a kingdom of your own. Toying around with making a story series for my play through on that one. :P

Overall, I found it to be a pretty entertaining game so I give it three swords out of five. 


  1. If you played it on PC did you ever experience slowing issues after repeated missions? That was the one major complaint I had. It's such a fun series though; and has benefited from being expanded on with each iteration. Though I find it interesting that I am willing to accept "same old stuff + some new" from that series but not so much from other games (where I expect entirely new content). Issue with me I guess.

    Also, playing Lu Bu first is fun but sort of ruins other characters for you because he's so freaking badass.

    1. Never encountered the slowing issues on PC, but I did have some story missions not starting and needed to restart the game to get past that.

      Also yes, Lu Bu makes everyone else feel weak when you first start playing them but it certainly helps inspire you to try run away when he shows up to chase you. I also like that he's the only character that changes the music when you encounter him on the field. :P