Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz is hot, but not hot enough to save this movie.

A married couple decide to record themselves while doing the deed and, due to a severe lack of foresight, are then pressed by the challenge to try stop it from getting out into the public. That's the main gist of it, and while Cameron Diaz being naked is a great thing to watch it kinda falls a little flat on the comedy side for me.

In some games this would be +3 armor.

Yes, there are some funny scenes but most of the time I found myself just smiling instead of laughing out loud which I think is the whole point of a comedy. Jack Black's cameo was something of a highlight here, which is never good when a cameo outshines the movie. Still it was entertaining enough, but not something I would be willing to watch again. Hmm, I think I'll be adding that criteria to all my future reviews too. Overall I give Sex Tape two out of five somersaults.


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