Tuesday 3 March 2015

Photo Story: Hammering Gnolls (Part 1)

[Part of my Photo Story Folder.]

Trying something new again today, somewhat inspired by Missy Mojo and Ravalation's love for screen shots. I thought I'd try entertain you all a few quick (non-too serious, mostly made up) photo stories based on my time in Vindictus (for starters anyway). Hope you enjoy!

It all started when my wife decided to beat up some gnolls...

After hacking up a few with her sword, one of them begged for his life 
in exchange for giving information on a weakness their boss had.

He was thanked for the information (via beheading)
and I was promptly dispatched to see if this information was true.

Though I did suspect most things have a natural weakness to a giant hammer.


  1. I nearly got a heart attack when your blog loaded in. What's with all the pictures? On JVT Workshop? This isn't a new thing, this is a revolution!

    (I'm joking, I like them. Also, wow, that is one big hammer!) ;)

    1. Hehe thanks Ravanel! It was an experiment ^_^