Friday, 5 December 2014

NWO: Grey Wolf Den Boss


Since I've been doing write ups on all these Vindictus bosses I thought I'd put one up for Neverwinter Online too. Ethraniev Marrowslake is the final boss at Grey Wolf Den and like most other bosses in this game summons adds (additional monsters) to aid her when her health drops to particular intervals. Like most other bosses the golden rule applies:

"Kill the adds. If you kill the adds, you will win NWO."

Obviously if you can kill the adds WHILE hurting the boss that's even better!

Ethraniev deserves a special mention though because if she hits any foe with her sword she automatically summons two shadow wolves. Fortunately all her attacks are easily enough to read so just avoid that sword at all costs. Most importantly - stow your NPC companions as they do NOT evade and will only guarantee more wolves spawning!

Keep that in mind and she is easily soloable with a level appropriate character. Or you can just rock up with your level 60 and destroy her however you please. :P

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