Sunday 28 September 2014

Warframe General Tips

It only took me to get to Rank 10 Mastery before deciding to post this, (I'm slow!) but hopefully this short cheat sheet will prove handy to some new players of Warframe on the PC.

Damage Type Basics

There are three main damage types which directly relate to the three main factions:

Corpus are weak against Impact
Grineer are weak against Puncture
Infested are weak against Slash

Combined elemental damage types give extra beneficial effects (and will perform better) but at the base level that's all you need to get by.

Speed Running

These are some of the combos I know of to make your Tenno move at the best speed possible. Some require dextrous fingers but a little bit of practice and you'll have it down in no time. I am assuming you have the standard key bind in this guide (left hand on keys / right hand on mouse), and have arranged the moves from easiest to hardest but ultimately none are really that hard.

Horizontal Wall Running  
SHIFT + W + SPACE (and keep it down) while aiming at a wall at an angle. Too sharp and you will attempt to run directly up (vertical Wall run).
I find it faster than normal running on the ground.
Your warframe ignores the laws of physics while doing this and will only stop running along the wall if:
  • it hits an obstacle or runs out of wall
  • you let go of SPACE at which point your Tenno will launch off in the same direction
  • you press E to do a wall spring attack that is more controllable than letting space go, but doesn't take you as far

Regular Slide Attack
Use your the tip of your pinky finger to press and hold down SHIFT at the start then press down on CTRL with the rest of it once you are running
Makes you move a bit further than just sliding without attacking (without + E)
Extra distance traveled depends on melee weapon equipped
Also nice to damage enemies in the way

Forward Somersault
Stepping stone to get to the final move. Not that useful in the larger scope of things.
Like the previous move, pinky finger presses both SHIFT and CTRL
Add + E at the end to finish Somersault with a smash if you are landing in a cluster of enemies

Limited Flight
SHIFT + W + SPACE + CTRL + E (before you hit the ground)
Outside Warframe specific powers this is one of the fastest ways to move across the map
Basically a slide attack in mid-air, breaking more laws of physics and traveling insane distances
Extra distance depends on your melee weapon. Daggers are supposedly some of the best for "flight".
Should have a master rank, two-keypress pinky finger by now from the previous two moves. :P

Don't let the key combinations scare you. If you really just want to practice, the most accessible place for everyone would be any Exterminate mission on Mercury.

Fastest Way to Level Mastery Rank:

Just plugging this in since some people may have come here looking for it. Instead of a to-do mission list, here are three simple tips to help you out:

1 - Play with squad mates (even randoms) when you can, and stay near them (at least one of them) at all times.
2 - Do not bring anything that doesn't need leveling which you feel you can survive without.
3 - Keep your eyes open for Alert and Infestation Outbreak Mobile Defense and Defense missions as its easier to find PUGs in them.

That's it! Nothing really most veteran Warframe players wouldn't know but for anyone that didn't, I hope this helped! Have fun! ^_^

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